Adam Milstein Describes the Evolution and Influence of Isreali-Americans

Adam Milstein is an Israeli-American who has helped create the IAC or Israeli-American Council. The group started out as a local organization in the Los Angeles, California area. It has since expanded across the nation and is proud to reach over a million Israeli-Americans and other Jewish American people and immigrants residing in the United States. The goal of the Israeli American Council is to foster greater cooperation between the United States and Israel and help the Jewish community in the United States maintain its Jewish cultures and values. Mr. Milstein now heads the chair of the national council at the IAC.

Adam Milstein wrote an article last year on the status of Israeli-American Jews in the United States and how it has changed over the course of decades. Mr. Milstein also described how thanks to groups such as the American-Israeli Council, Israeli-American Jews are now playing a prominent role in US Jewish culture and society. The following is a brief summary of his article that was featured in the Jerusalem Post in September.

Mr. Milstein describes in his article, how before the AIC was formed, many people did not even refer to themselves as Israeli-Americans. Now people refer to themselves as Israeli-Americans with pride to reflect their connection with Israel and their choosing to settle down in the United States. Decades ago, many Israeli-Americans were disconnected from their fellow Jews in America. They were not connected to synagogues, temples, community centers and community programs. In fact, they were disconnected and on the fringe of American Jewish society.

All of this has changed, thanks to the effort of Adam Milstein and groups such as the American-Israeli Council which he helped to create. The AIC helps build bridges between the different Jewish groups in the United States. It has also helped to integrate Israeli-Americans into the fabric of mainstream American Jewish society. Israeli Americans are no longer on the fringe or isolated. They are involved in the temples, synagogues, community programs and outreach in the USA. Israeli Americans are also now valued as the connection to the nation of Israel, to the unique Jewish culture they bring and their mastery of the Hebrew language that they already know.