Minority Capitalisation offered for ARES by Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital reputation has been a player in the banking and investment industry for a long time. When they started, they were a small, boutique investment firm, but with time, they have developed their profile into becoming one of the most respected businesses in the industry. One of the latest deals that they have been taking part in is the recent settlement of minority and subordinate debt for ARES. ARES is a Virginia based security firm. The CEO at Madison Capital announced that the deal had been conducted by the team that manages the transactions at Madison.


Reginald McGaugh said that he was happy to have been part of the entire team that made the transaction. He was working in corporation with Ben Eazetta, the president of ARES. He applauded the manner in which all the necessary rules and regulations had been followed during the closing of the deal.


The management of ARES was also very excited about the entire transaction. They were grateful for the manner in which MCP had handled the deal for them. They were confident that they had gotten the ideal partner for their situation. The merger that they had gotten into with Corbel was seen as a new chapter in their existence and they were confident that it would help them create an equity value that is worth discussion. They were happy about the number of business contacts that they had in their business and stated that these would be very helpful in advancing their business agenda and getting to their goals.


ARES guards some very critical assets from around the globe. Their areas of involvement include nuclear energy, transportation business, and other related fields. The company has been running for the past three years, brining their asset base to a sum of a hundred million dollars. Some of the things they deal with include lower middle market companies that specialize in preferred returns.


About Madison Street Capital

On the other hand, Madison is a financial advisory company. They have clients in all types of businesses from around the globe. They have managed to expand their business to different parts of the world such as the Middle East, Africa, North and South America and Asia. The one thing that has made them a business partner of choice to their entire clientele base is the quality of the results that they deliver. With their track record, the company is headed for even better things.


For more details check out Madison Street Capital on Facebook.


Adam Milstein Describes the Evolution and Influence of Isreali-Americans

Adam Milstein is an Israeli-American who has helped create the IAC or Israeli-American Council. The group started out as a local organization in the Los Angeles, California area. It has since expanded across the nation and is proud to reach over a million Israeli-Americans and other Jewish American people and immigrants residing in the United States. The goal of the Israeli American Council is to foster greater cooperation between the United States and Israel and help the Jewish community in the United States maintain its Jewish cultures and values. Mr. Milstein now heads the chair of the national council at the IAC.

Adam Milstein wrote an article last year on the status of Israeli-American Jews in the United States and how it has changed over the course of decades. Mr. Milstein also described how thanks to groups such as the American-Israeli Council, Israeli-American Jews are now playing a prominent role in US Jewish culture and society. The following is a brief summary of his article that was featured in the Jerusalem Post in September.

Mr. Milstein describes in his article, how before the AIC was formed, many people did not even refer to themselves as Israeli-Americans. Now people refer to themselves as Israeli-Americans with pride to reflect their connection with Israel and their choosing to settle down in the United States. Decades ago, many Israeli-Americans were disconnected from their fellow Jews in America. They were not connected to synagogues, temples, community centers and community programs. In fact, they were disconnected and on the fringe of American Jewish society.

All of this has changed, thanks to the effort of Adam Milstein and groups such as the American-Israeli Council which he helped to create. The AIC helps build bridges between the different Jewish groups in the United States. It has also helped to integrate Israeli-Americans into the fabric of mainstream American Jewish society. Israeli Americans are no longer on the fringe or isolated. They are involved in the temples, synagogues, community programs and outreach in the USA. Israeli Americans are also now valued as the connection to the nation of Israel, to the unique Jewish culture they bring and their mastery of the Hebrew language that they already know.

Introducing Atomic Design Rochester

Atomic Design Rochester the perfect style for you and you will be enjoying your stamping immediately. These designs are produced by hand. A site’s design has a substantial influence on its success. You may not merely utilize website design’ as your keyword.

The Bad Side of Atomic Design Rochester

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The Appeal of Atomic Design Rochester

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Whenever you are first starting a website, avoid using sub-domains. Though your site may come pre-made from the franchisor, in the event you have any adaptability to customize it, you’re posting likely to need no under a simple comprehension of both of these critical elements of advertising. Your website will not be as painful to crawl, and visitors will enable you to refer your web site to others readily. Building an excellent website is significant to the longevity of your site, but it isn’t the vital part. If you prefer to have an excellent prosperous site, SEO plays an extremely critical part. Employing social media websites is wholly free.

A company can satisfy its goals by utilizing search engine optimization to better its site and its rank in the various search engines. Sooner or later you have to learn how to market your company. For starters, when you have a small business, you may think about a blog instead of a site.

In case you have a bigger company, you can consider having a blog along with your existing web website. When Web design businesses deal with important small business organizations who can pay the price for Website Internet advertising optimization, they aren’t disappointed. There are lots of Atomic Design in Rochester, NY – YellowBot SEO companies, Atomic Design Rochester Search Engine advertising consultants, social networking mavens, and internet advertising firms on the planet.

The Enduring Reputation Of Madison Street Capital In Investment Market

Clients looking to work with an investment banking firm often carefully vet to find those with a set of strong values that they feel will be essential in helping them achieve their investment goals. They frequently look out for firms committed to exemplary leadership, integrity and excellence coupled with great service delivery to corporates, private and publicly owned businesses. Madison Street Capital reputation as an industry leader with great service delivery on mergers and acquisitions, business valuations and financial opinions has been enduring.


A strong combination of these values driven by a strong need to deliver satisfactory services is the reason why Madison Street Capital’s clients are always very well-positioned to succeed in globally competitive markets. Madison Street Capital undertakes each client’s goal as their own company goal for the entire duration of the client’s project.


Madison Street Capital, being an international banking firm, possesses a stellar knowledge of the factors driving the growth of businesses and corporates in the global market. With the mastery of emerging global trends, Madison Street channels its focus and resources towards the emerging markets.


A good number of client assets are then invested in these markets. Global expansion is more often than not achieved by exploiting niches in new markets. Madison has been able to do this by gaining the trust of clients from around the world through its consistency in maintaining the highest levels of professional standards.


The latest and most prolific projects that Madison Street Capital presided over involve securing non-controlling interest, NCI (minority equity) and a low-risk subordinated debt investment for the ARES Security Corporation. ARES security is an overseas client of Madison Street Capital whose operations are in client based in Vienna, VA. ARES’ minority recapitalization was provided by Corbel Structured Equity Partners.


ARES Security Corporation is so reputable with its securing services that it is the custodian of some the world’s most sensitive assets. It is listed as a leading enterprise security risk management solutions provider. ARES safeguards nuclear, transportation, energy and complex government systems. As it does this, it provides end-to-end security software solutions.


Despite having a large client base from many countries around the world Madison Street Capital invests in local communities as well. It has participated in creating strong businesses in communities within the United States. It also engages in philanthropy to help alleviate suffering through partnering with organizations such as the United Way. The community involvement does not stop in the US only but is extensive to global communities.

Mike Baur – Supporting and Growing Switzerland’s Entrepreneurs

Mike Baur is a shrewd businessman and entrepreneur with a business model that is designed to uplift his fellow entrepreneurs. He is the Co-founder and executive chair of Swiss Startup Factory. He is also an experienced banker with a deep knowledge of finance.

Here is a closer look at the man set on accelerating ICT business growth in Switzerland.

Education and Career Background

Mike Baur attended the University of Rochester New York and University of Berne where he received his MBA and Executive MBA respectively. His career started out in 1994 in the private banking industry. He started off as a commercial apprentice at UBS and worked his way up the ranks to become an executive board member of one of the largest Swiss banks.

Baur’s career as a private banker spans almost 20 years, and he has acquired great expertise in financing within that period. However, he retired from the profession in 2014 and ventured into entrepreneurship. He founded the Swiss Startup factory together with two of his friends.

Swiss Startup Factory

Swiss Startup Factory is the first privately financed and independent ICT startup accelerator in Switzerland. It helps ICT startup companies establish themselves in the country’s growing and competitive ICT market through several services.

For starters, Swiss Startup Factory provides financing to ICT startups during their early stages. As a banker and investor, Mike Baur enjoys a strong network of investors who are always ready to back a promising business.

The company also aids by providing resources such as office space which are necessary to get the business up and running. In particular, their model of co-working spaces is not only affordable but also convenient especially for ICT entrepreneurs. The close working spaces make it easier for entrepreneurs to exchange ideas and collaborate to accelerate their companies’ growth. The working places also feature amenities such as in-house film studios, lunch rooms, Wi-Fi, storage rooms, and conference rooms.

Swiss Startup Factory also provides coaching and mentoring services to ICT startups at their very first stages of development. Mike Baur and his partners are successful entrepreneurs who are more than qualified to advise young entrepreneurs. They also maintain strong networks with other entrepreneurs and business coaches with in-depth knowledge of the country’s and region’s ICT market.

Finally, the company also provides accounting and financial services including general services such as invoice management, bookkeeping, VAT reporting, financial statements, and cash flow reports. There are also customized packages designed to suit specific user preferences.

Bernardo Chua is an Exciting Entrepreneur and Businessman

Bernardo Chua has been associated with multi-level marketing for many years. Hailing from the Philippines, he first worked for Gano Excel first in the Philippines and then to Hong Kong, the United States and Canada during their years of expansion to these locations. Mr. Chua eventually relocated to the California and took on the role of president of Gano Excel USA.

Gano Excel marketed products using ganoderma. Ganoderma is an herb derived from mushrooms that are found growing on logs worldwide and a much used product in China, as well as other Asian countries.

Products included instant coffee, tea, capsules, as well as other food products. His market for these products was consumers worldwide and his initial focus was to educate people about ganoderma. Mr. Chua was one of the first to use ganoderma with coffee and tea outside of the Asian region.

According to Market Wired, In 2008, Bernardo Chua established a company named Organo Gold. He developed an interesting business model for the sales and distribution of his products. He found direct sales in the form of multi-level marketing strategy to be the most effective for the products he offers.

The sales and distribution of the products is through individual company representatives. The representative has the opportunity to establish their own business and marketing strategies and achieve whatever level of financial freedom they desire.

Bernardo Chua is particular about the quality of the products his company offers and works very closely with the best producers of ganoderma.

He is also very pricing conscience and works to maintain affordable pricing. Mr. Chua is always on the lookout to retool his methods and products to stay ahead of the competition and expand the company focus.

According to Crunchbase, Bernado Chua’s program is to educate the consumers, as well as the representatives that offer Organo Gold products. This strategy helps to build trust with the consumers and gives his representatives the confidence to sell the products.

The Organo Gold products include a variety of beverages, nutritional and personal care products. He also gives his representatives a variety of tools, techniques and methods to help them establish their individual businesses to become as successful as they wish.

Learn more about more Bernardo Chua: http://www.vizualize.me/kevinseawright

Jeremy Goldstein: A Lawyer Trusted By The New York Bar Association

In times of legal aid, finding a good lawyer is an essential part of being able to seek fair legal justice. The New York Bar Association Understood this need and requirement for good attorneys and established their Referral and Information Service (LRIS). However, gaining access to a good lawyer can still be hard for some, and therefore, the New York Bar Association decided to take their referral activities to an online portal to be able to give companies, and individuals access to round the clock services, in times when they need to seek a lawyer.



The lawyers that are within the Referral and Information Service database have all been scanned and verified as some of the best and trusted lawyers that the New York Bar Association has credited. The service follows a simple process of going to the website and filling out a form that describes what kind of legal aid you require. The service is confidential, and no one will get to know the contents of your questionnaire besides the people who will be reviewing your case and offering you a lawyer’s services.



One such lawyer who is part of this referral service is Jeremy Goldstein. Jeremy has been in the legal business for an extremely extended period and is currently the name partner at his law firm. He is extremely learned in the field of law and has provided legal counsel to some of the biggest corporate cases in the past few years.



Because of his extensive expertise in the area of law, Jeremy Goldstein serves as a member of the Executive Compensation Committee within the Business Department of the American Bar Association. His legal findings and his cases have published in numerous periodicals and legal magazines. He has also led numerous discussions and talks on matters of governance and corporate law.


For more details, visit http://jlgassociates.com/.

Nourish Your Lips With The Advantages Of EOS Lip Balm Products

Do you wrestle with dry cracked lips? Are you looking for quality protection from the threat of the winter cold? EOS lip balm products provide a rich assortment of all natural ingredients that include shea butter. You have the satisfaction of seeing softer lips from the first application. Thousands of women around the world including your favorite celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus have used shea butter products, https://www.facebook.com/eos/. More importantly, they are hypoallergenic and cruelty-free. Enhance your lips with shea butter products that have been used for centuries to heal and restore skin. Give your lips guaranteed moisture and protection from the effects of smoking, the elements, and other harsh beauty care products with additives.

Make The Switch To Evolution Of Smooth

Beauty care experts have chosen EOS lip balm products for their clients ten to one over products like Chapstick. The Lip Balm Company is known for its advanced moisture protection, vitamin contents, and amino acids. However, it is infused with a shea butter base. Their products are 95% organic and guarantee to leave your lips feeling ultra smooth. They are also popular for their delectable flavors that your lips will crave. Give your lips superior protection with Evolution of Smooth.


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Give your lips the proper balance of moisture and shine with EOS lip balm products. They enrich your lips and infuse within the skin to ensure that they get saturated with moisture instead of a coating on the top of the lips. Take control of your lips and make a decision to have ultra smooth lips when and where you need it with EOS lip balm products like Evolution of Smooth. Show your lips how much you care. Visit Racked.com to purchase EOS.


Ricardo Tosto: Steps to Selecting a Business Lawyer

If you have a business enterprise or manage an organization, you are going to run into some kind of a legal matter that will need to be resolved. Hopefully, the problem is something minor such as dealing with home purchase, but there will be many different situations in which it is wise to retain lawyer.

One of the first issues to focus on is finding a lawyer that practices in the area you are having a matter. This may sound obvious, but various people make this mistake. If you have a problem involving the sale of your business or contract issues, you want to choose an attorney that focuses his or her practice entirely on business or corporate law.

When business people or entrepreneurs encounter a business or corporate dispute, it can be stressful and difficult to concentrate on their project. When company executives or enterprise owners are facing business enterprise litigation, they need the help of an experienced legal advisor who has a good understanding of the nature and direction of their establishment.

Ricardo Tosto is a competent litigation lawyer and he maintains a practice representing clients who are dealing with business conflicts in Brazil. He has been advising and guiding entrepreneurs and organizations for many years and is well versed in all aspects of business and corporate law.

Ricardo Tosto provides companies in the Brazil with top notch services committed to resolving arguments related to all matters of their business. He is considered as one of Brazil’s elite lawyers in the field of business and corporate suit. Regardless of the type of business matter you are dealing with, you can be certain that Mr Ricardo Tosto will aggressively handle your case and strive to get the best possible outcome for you.

More visit: http://globoplay.globo.com/v/3436363/

Copa Star – Rio de Janeiro’s Five Star Hospital

Far from grim images associated with conventional hospitals, Copa Star Hospital is a sharp display of technology, contemporary architecture, 21st-century innovation, and a dash of class.

Architecture and Design

The classy Hospital Copa Star is based in Copacabana, south of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It has a helipad in the main building – for receiving patients who come by air, a state-of-the-art reception where acceptance of patients happens, a fully equipped Surgical Center, and spacious and exclusive VIP and five-star suites.

Hospital Copa Star’ suites are equipped with a speaker system to allow direct communication with the nursing team, cable TV for the news update and entertainment, telephone, a safe and a minibar.

Room Service

Patients can even request for newspapers, magazines, as well as personal services like manicure, makeup, and hairdressing. These are taken care by The Governance Service – a special team on mundodomarketing.com that is responsible for convenient room service and making patients and companions comfortable.

Hospital Copa Star is one of a kind hospital is furnished with modern medical equipment. Its Intensive Care Center holds:

• Neuro Intensive Unit – which handles life-threatening diseases of the nervous system; involving the brain, spinal cord, and nerves.

• Intensive Care Unit (General ICU) – adult and pediatric – special wards with healthcare professionals who provide treatment and monitoring equipment to keep a tab on patient’s vital signs.

• Post-Operative/Surgical Unit – where patients stay after a medical operation or ortho surgery.

• Respiratory Ventilation Unit – a place for those with respiratory problems.

• Cardio Intensive Unit – caring for people with heart or lung problems; with the aim of stabilizing them ahead of being moved to a less intensive care environment.

Copa Star Hospital Staff
These up-to-date facilities are run by their staff; mainly comprising crème de la crème from world leading academic institutions in Brazil and around the world.


Copa Star Hospital was the first private hospital in Rio de Janeiro to receive international accreditation. This was in 2007 and from Joint Commission International (JCI). It was awarded to them by Brazilian Accreditation Consortium (CBA).

The hospital has been in operation since May 2000 and its Mission is “to provide medical and hospital care of high efficiency, with qualified and motivated teams, respecting ethics and the individual in its social context”.

Mission and Vision

Hospital Copa Star vision is to be a reference in hospital management and the provision of medical services based on the highest technical standards.

Undoubtedly, they live up to them. That is why their spirit of excellence in quality of healthcare and patient safety got them reaccredited by JCI in 2011 and 2014.

However, above recognition on Terra.com, beautiful architecture, qualified staff and sophisticated equipment, it is Copa Star Hospital’s culture of respect, warmth, and agility that is most impressive to patients.