Robert Santiago, the investor behind Manaira Shopping Mall

Robert Santiago is known in many households as the real estate developer and investor in Brazil. He is a successful businessman and entrepreneur through his mall business. The soul of his achievements is the Manaira Shopping Mall in Paraiba. It is ranked as the largest mall of its kind in Brazil. Robert Santiago wanted tourists and the local community to have an alternative source of entertainment apart from the beach activities as they shop and relax that is why he ventured into the mall business. Moreover, he owns another large mall known as Mangabeira shopping center.


Roberto was born in 1956 in Brazil, Joao Pessoa and joined PIO X-Marist College. He also attended and received bachelor’s degree in BA from the University of Center Joao Pessoa. Robert Santiago started his career journey in Café Santa Rosa. He also established a cartonnage company that dealt with manufacturing and designing of the cardboard, and production of folded cartons. His leadership in cartonnage industry registered a huge boost regarding profit and expansion. He has also been an article writer, the venture that has made him well known by people. He has written numerous blogs from his exceptional skills. Being in the real estate business requires popularity, and for sure Robert Santiago had done marketing through his blogs and early business ventures which earned him the reputation all over the country.


In 1989 he bought a piece of land where he could set the famous Manaira Mall. It took Roberto two years to finish the building and construction process. The mall has become the people`s place, and it provides a lot of services and satisfaction to people who visit Paraiba. The mall has ample parking which makes it easier to access and shop variety of options. The mall has got banking halls, education center, gaming area, concert & theatre halls, shops, beauty parlors, restaurants, fitness center among others. If you are planning to visit Paraiba consider passing by the Manaira Shopping Mall and you won`t regret.


Robert Santiago expanded the mall in such a way that it accommodates Wayne`s Espacio Gourment and Capital Steakhouse restaurants that value the customers` needs. The mall is fitted with the famous Domus Hall on its rooftop which accommodates more than 8,000 people in a given sitting. The hall hosts theatrical events, receptions, trade fairs, indoor games and art exhibition. The mall has facilities like 3D fitted cinemas, striker bar, gym center, park, gold-strike bowling and colleges which makes it unique from other malls. It also has both ground floor and mezzanine.


Robert Santiago has been in mall business for over two decades. He is committed to providing the customers with the best shopping place in Brazil. He encourages the youth to make their ideas into reality.


Jose Auriemo Neto – Leading the Global Investment Ventures of JHSF Development

JHSF Development is a prominent real estate development firm in Brazil established in 1972 and has its headquarters in Sao Paulo. The company primarily deals in real estate development of hotels, airports, commercial and residential buildings and complexes, and in retail management. It is a publicly traded firm in Brazil. The company has an international presence and has projects under development in Uruguay and the United States. At the moment, JHSF Development has projects under development in Brazil, Punta del Este, New York, and Miami. The investment in the overseas real estate market is primarily the idea of Jose Auriemo Neto, who presently serves as the company’s Chief Executive Officer and Chairman.

He believes that as the world economy continues to get out of the stagnancy that was there for long and the purchasing capacity of the people increases, it is the right time to enter new markets to enjoy more profitability. JHSF is a real estate firm that is known for maintaining highest of standards in the real estate development and is also given the full credits by Bovespa for highest corporate governance. Jose Auriemo also serves as the President of Cidade Jardim, a shopping mall developed by JHSF. He is also given credit for bringing to Brazil some of the most famous international fashion brands such as Jimmy Choo, Valentino, Hermes, and Pucci.

Jose Auriemo Neto has a sound understanding of the retail management as well as the real estate development, which is the perfect combination needed to head a company like JHSF. The overseas investment made by JHSF is led by Jose Auriemo Neto, who is always on the lookout for lucrative areas of investment. He has made considerable investments for property development in Miami as well because it is one of the fastest developing real estate markets in the United States, as well as the world. Jose Auriemo Neto has also shifted his base to New York to supervise his global real estate investments closely. Moreover, JHSF Development is also developing properties in New York, which is also one of the reasons why Jose Auriemo has presently moved to the United States.


Traveling Vineyard – Giving You The Chance To Earn Extra Cash

Need extra cash to be rolling in that bank account? Want to make more money without taking on a second job? Traveling Vineyard gives you that exact chance to do that.

This company gives you the opportunity to sell their products and receive a commission for every direct sale that you make. Traveling Vineyard opens that door for you to gain that opportunity and really make good money. You can sell their products with no issue. It’s so easy to sell their products because they give you all the training needed so that you know how to properly present anything from this brand.

Wine guides who are selling the wine from the Traveling Vineyard are making as much as $100+ from a single night only working just an two hours or so at a wine tasting event. Not only is it so easy to sell their wine, but the brand is very well respected and you get a lot of great insight to ensure you get advice and everything you need to learn about the company. The Traveling Vineyard is very straightforward with their approach and they strive to go after creating that special training so that new wine guides can join in and start off on the right track.

The Traveling Vineyard is ultimately the best out there if you are struggling to make money. The investment is very low. You can easily get started within a week after joining and start earning. Once you build your team and you have other people selling for you, you could be making a huge amount every single night like clockwork. The amount of people who have made full-time careers out of this business definitely is inspiring, and the opportunities that can arise is always incredible.

The Traveling Vineyard is the most interesting way to make some good money on the side if you are looking for a new opportunity that hasn’t been done by everybody before. The Traveling Vineyard is definitely a brand who is here to give you everything that you need. The brand is highly respected and provides you with what’s needed.

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How The Copa Star Meets The Health Needs of Rio de Janeiro

The Hospital Copa Star opened its doors in October 2016. The hospital, which took three years to build, is the first hospital of its kind in Brazil. The Hospital Copa Star is a luxury hospital that combines all the personnel and functions of a cutting edge hospital with the amenities of a five-star hotel. It is located near the famed Copacabana Beach in the city of Rio de Janiero.

The Hospital Copa Star is part of the Rede D’Or São Luiz Brazilian chain of hospitals. The founder and President of Rede D’Or São Luiz, Dr. Jorge Moll, said that the Hospital Copa Star is a fantastic alternative for residents of the area because before the hospital was built many surgeries had to be performed in São Paulo or Rio instead. He said that the Hospital Copa Star has an environment that helps people recover from complex surgeries due to its hotel accommodations and experienced, professional staff of doctors and nurses.

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While the hospital is meant to be very comfortable for patients that doesn’t mean that it also doesn’t focus on a highly trained team of doctors and nurses who are specialized in a variety of surgeries and medical disciplines. The team at Hospital Copa Star are held to the highest international standards of education, training, and care. Before the Hospital Copa Star opened the team slated to work there trained for two months which involved various emergency simulations. There is a total of 550 medical staff at the Hospital Copa Star which includes 113 doctors.

Incorporating the latest in technology, the surgery rooms at the Hospital Copa Star are equipped with the latest medical devices and equipment. The surgery rooms also incorporate robotics which are used by surgeons to assist in surgeries, especially during highly complex ones. The Hospital Copa Star was also designed with the latest in modern work flows which includes having separate hallways for the transportation of gurneys so that patients can be moved as efficiently as possible.

Each patient room also has incorporated autonomous technology. From their hospital bed, patients are able to control the lighting, entertainment options, the drapes, and the shape of their beds. All of this is controlled through the use of an iPad which patients are given when admitted to the Hospital Copa Star. The iPad also allows patients to summon a nurse or discuss their case with a doctor through a video conference feature.

The Hospital Copa Star concept has proven to be very popular in Rio de Janiero with those patients who have a premium flag on their health insurance plans. Dr Jorge Moll has said that he and his executive team are already planning on expanding similar hospitals into both Brasilia and São Paulo over the next few years. Read more at about Copa Star.

Hussain Sajwani And His DAMAC Properties Firm

DAMAC owner Hussain Sajwani has done quite a lot to ensure that the company is growing the Middle East as much as possible. The Middle East has many different people who are coming into the buildings that his company builds, and he is looking for a number of cities that may help improve. Someone who wishes to follow his career will learn quite a lot by watching what he has done. Read more: DAMAC Chairman Relishes His Roots | The National

#1: What Does Hussain Build?

The Hussain Sajwani family has built up many different places in the Middle East, and someone who wishes to change lives will find that they may build in the way that he does. He is growing many places where the Middle East has a growing population, and he knows that this growing population must be given as many different places to live and work. Someone who wishes to follow his career will see that he does it all.

#2: The Partnerships

Hussain has many different partnerships around the world from his business partners in the Middle East to the President of the United States. The partnership that he has made are quite important, and they are looking over many ways that they may support what Hussain does. He has the respect of the business community in the region, and he knows that he may rely on their support.

#3: Giving Back

Giving back to the community is important to Hussain, and he gives to many different charities because he knows that they need his assistance. He is helping people to learn of a number of chances they have to improve their lives, and he knows that giving back to the community is quite important.

The most important thing that Hussain Sajwani has done is to see that the Middle East is growing. He wants to grow city centers to ensure that they will improve, and he wants to learn how the cities will change when his buildings are constructed. He wants to see new jobs created, and he wants to know that each of these places are better for those that wish to live well.

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How Mike Baur’s Swiss Startup Factory is Helping Startups in Europe and Around the World

With recent technological innovations and the rapid development of start-ups into fortune 500 companies, more people are beginning to see the importance of having an accelerator. Accelerators play a crucial role in identifying a business with a huge potential and providing all the necessary tools and resources needed to grow that business.

One such accelerator in Swiss Startup Factory located in the heart of Zurich. The company was co-founded by Mike Baur and has managed to attract many startup companies. Mike Baur worked in Swiss banking for over twenty years, but he quit and started to invest in startup businesses. In 2014, he partnered with Oliver Walzer and Max Meister to form Swiss Startup Factory. Mike Baur was influential when Swiss Startup Factory was undergoing its accelerator program which was facilitated in 2016 by Goldback Group.

Mike Baur is responsible for raising funds and financing all the prospects in the accelerator program. Through his experience in banking and financial world, he has managed to attract a good number of investors who channel funding to the company. The money is then used to help the companies undergoing its accelerator program grow.

Mike holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Finance and Banking from the University of Applied Sciences in Bern. He also has an M.B.A from the University of Rochester and an Executive M.B.A from the University of Bern. His background studies in finance and banking allowed him to work in several financial institutions such as UBS Wealth Management, Cladiren Leu, and Sallfort Privatbank AG.

Ever since he left the banking industry and decided to work with startups, Mike has been able to take up leadership positions on several companies on the same mission. He has worked as the Vice President of Innovation Lab Fribourg, an organization that supports and empowers students in different fields of study. He is also the co-founder of Swiss Startup Association, which is an organization that speaks for startup businesses. He is also the Deputy Managing Director of Swiss Startup Invest, a company that lends a financial platform for startup businesses.

Other than running his company, he also occasionally does public speaking and giving out tips on how to start and manage a startup business.


Mike Baur – Supporting and Growing Switzerland’s Entrepreneurs

Mike Baur is a shrewd businessman and entrepreneur with a business model that is designed to uplift his fellow entrepreneurs. He is the Co-founder and executive chair of Swiss Startup Factory. He is also an experienced banker with a deep knowledge of finance.

Here is a closer look at the man set on accelerating ICT business growth in Switzerland.

Education and Career Background

Mike Baur attended the University of Rochester New York and University of Berne where he received his MBA and Executive MBA respectively. His career started out in 1994 in the private banking industry. He started off as a commercial apprentice at UBS and worked his way up the ranks to become an executive board member of one of the largest Swiss banks.

Baur’s career as a private banker spans almost 20 years, and he has acquired great expertise in financing within that period. However, he retired from the profession in 2014 and ventured into entrepreneurship. He founded the Swiss Startup factory together with two of his friends.

Swiss Startup Factory

Swiss Startup Factory is the first privately financed and independent ICT startup accelerator in Switzerland. It helps ICT startup companies establish themselves in the country’s growing and competitive ICT market through several services.

For starters, Swiss Startup Factory provides financing to ICT startups during their early stages. As a banker and investor, Mike Baur enjoys a strong network of investors who are always ready to back a promising business.

The company also aids by providing resources such as office space which are necessary to get the business up and running. In particular, their model of co-working spaces is not only affordable but also convenient especially for ICT entrepreneurs. The close working spaces make it easier for entrepreneurs to exchange ideas and collaborate to accelerate their companies’ growth. The working places also feature amenities such as in-house film studios, lunch rooms, Wi-Fi, storage rooms, and conference rooms.

Swiss Startup Factory also provides coaching and mentoring services to ICT startups at their very first stages of development. Mike Baur and his partners are successful entrepreneurs who are more than qualified to advise young entrepreneurs. They also maintain strong networks with other entrepreneurs and business coaches with in-depth knowledge of the country’s and region’s ICT market.

Finally, the company also provides accounting and financial services including general services such as invoice management, bookkeeping, VAT reporting, financial statements, and cash flow reports. There are also customized packages designed to suit specific user preferences.

Geneva-based Fintech Fusion Joins Forces with Swiss Startup Factory

Background of Mike Baur

Mike Baur was born in Fribourg, Switzerland. He became fascinated with the subject of finance and banking at a tender age. Today, Mike takes pride in making his childhood passion as his career. He started working at commercial apprentice at UBS before transiting to an executive board member of a leading Swiss Private Bank. He has nearly two decades of experience in Swiss Private Banking.


While at the age of 39, Mike Baur teamed up with Oliver Walzer and Max Meister to establish the leading sovereign and privately-financed ICT Swiss startup accelerator, Swiss Startup Factory. Besides, Mike would spend a lot of time to mentor the Swiss youth entrepreneurship while supporting Swiss startups financially. He holds an Executive MBA from Bern University and an MBA from Rochester University, New York.


Swiss Startup Factory and Geneva-based Fintech Fusion announced that they would commence a close cooperation to accelerate the Swiss startup ecosystem. The Geneva-based Fintech Fusion and Zurich-based Swiss Startup Factory complement one another in their structural setup and goal orientation. In joining forces, the two organization will support each other on startup acceleration, pre-selection process, joint ventures, exchange mentor network, share office space for startups, and cooperate with universities.


According to Guillaume Dubray, the founder, and CEO of Fintech Fusion, digital transformation is everywhere. Therefore, Switzerland as a leader in innovation provides excellent conditions for market entrants and existing businesses to excel. With the new partnership, the Zurich-based Swiss Startup Factory will join the leading business-driven platforms in Switzerland.


In response to Dubray’s comment, Mike Baur said that Switzerland lacks adequate efforts to utilize its strengths and resources due to geographical separation and language barriers. However, by bringing the efforts of two independent accelerators, Switzerland transcends barriers created by geographical separation and linguistic diversity. Mike added that the partnership marks the beginning of strengthening the Swiss startup ecosystem by going past language and geographical barriers.


About Swiss Startup Factory


Founded in 2014, Swiss Startup Factory is a startup accelerator based in Zurich, Switzerland. It looks forward to mentoring and offer financial aid to the thriving digital entrepreneurs in Switzerland. Currently, the accelerator runs a three-month-long startup training program with a broad spectrum of services such as mentoring, financial aid, office space in Zurich, and an extensive professional network.




Davos REG launches the Davos CAP Calculator

Pablo Bausili and Gerard Gonzalez, the two Executive Directors of Davos REG, announced the launch of the company’s new mobile application, Davos CAP calculator. The application will be available to the company’s clientele. Davos REG is a real estate oriented company that works independently under Davos Financial Group.

At the launch of the mobile app, David Osio, the CEO of Davos Financial Group, stated that Gonzalez played an instrumental role, pushing for the creation of the application. He goes on to explain that the application’s launch pushes the company towards achieving its main objective. The company strives to identify the needs of each client personally, and address them.

Gonzalez teamed up with professional technologists to create the application. He states that the mobile application has a high level of innovation, which will allow investors to clearly visualize and evaluate their financial status when purchasing a property. As at now, the application can only be supported by the iOS and android smartphone platforms only. Gonzales, however, puts is clear that the company’s clients should expect other apps that complement the Davos CAP Calculator. In addition to this, the company has launched numerous other projects that look to improve service delivery.

With this application, real estate agents under Davos REG will be able to track how their investment property appreciates. It is smart in that it considers the expenses too.

Davos REG is a real estate company that is a subsidiary of Davos Financial Group. The Group has many other subsidiaries, with their main areas of operation being Venezuela and Latin America. Strategic partnerships have also been developed.


About David Osio

David’s stellar career began in 1981, when he was appointed to manage a program in coffee export as the CEO. The company was known as OPED Enterprise. After this, the profound entrepreneur bagged an executive position to structure market programs for LETCO Commercial Companies. He managed programs across the entire country well, His unending efforts is probably what caused him to move to higher ranks at LETCO.

The Catholic University Andre Bello graduate went on to play various managerial roles in different companies, before deciding to start his own. In 1993, he founded the Davos Financial Group, to which he is currently the CEO.

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