Doe Deere

Doe Deere is a makeup and fashion blogger and also the founder and CEO of her own company called Lime Crime Cosmetics. She was born out of the country in Russia and raised in New York City. She then moved to Los Angles where her company is located and she now resides there currently. Doe Deere created her line of Cosmetics entirely on her own by making her own makeup looks, sewing her own clothes, and even modeling her own stuff on her website. She was previously attending the Fashion Institute of fashion technology and illustration but dropped out to pursue her real dream as an entrepreneur. Which then she started an EBay account and did everything herself which was pretty impressive.

Then in the fall of 2008, Lime Crime Cosmetics was created and became a huge success. Since Doe Deere started everything from just herself, she is the only person who has say so in her brand of Cosmetics. Everything she creates is purely inspired from her own creative mind. Deere is also dedicated to using cruelty free, vegan and 100% synthetic free makeup products. Doe Deere wanted her makeup to stand out and have very high pigments that are also 100% natural so that it’s safe for everyone. Not to mention that each of her products are certified by the Leaping bunny program and PETA. This means none of her products are tested on animals and they also doesn’t contain any animal ingredients so it’s great for our animal lovers out there! Her makeup collection is very bright, colorful and vibrant. She’s using that as an example of her flamboyant lifestyle. She wanted her makeup looks to make a statement and be different than others. Deere wanted her customers have self confidence when wearing her makeup. She wanted everyone to feel unique and she even refers to her fans as unicorns. Doe Deere wants everyone to express who they are so that’s why her makeup looks are bold and very expressive.

Doe Deere is always a part of social media. She loves to respond to her fans and give feedback to young entrepreneurs that stride to be like her some day. She is constantly posting pictures and updating her fans about new products that’s coming out soon. Deere also loves to make others feel unique in their own way. She also calls herself the unicorn queen for all of her fans and encourages others to break the makeup/fashion rules of today’s society. She lets everyone know that it’s ok to be different and it better that way anyways.

Doe Deere is a hardworking entrepreneur but she always finds time for herself. She also loves to do her makeup because she states that’s if her only time she get to herself while managing a business. She keeps a good vegan diet while drinking lots and lots of water, which is also the secret behind clear skin. She loves to do stretches in the morning because it relaxes her mind and gets her day started.



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Doe Deere Transforming the Makeup Industry

The chief executive officer of Lime Crime Cosmetics Doe Deere was born and raised in Russia. At the age of 17, she moved to the United Stated and was them based in New York. While growing up, Doe Deere has a dream of becoming a musician. She accomplished this goal immediately after moving to New York. Music was an important chapter in her life. It not only helped her to know about career and marketing, but it also gave her the chance to appreciate people who came to her shows. During this time, she met her husband who is also her business partner. As of today, Doe Deere lives in Los Angeles. During her stay in New York, she lived in Brooklyn for nine years and three more years in the Manhattan area.


What had begun as a musical career took a turn to make-up artistry. Doe Deere has an interest in bright, unusual colors. The makeup industry then had an appreciation for natural looks only. Despite her love for bright colors, she could not find them anywhere. She went with the idea of making them. Lime crime was ,therefore, born in the year 2008. Doe Deere discovered that many other girls were interested in the same colors. Lime Crime became very profitable. It is in itself a bold line that has animal-friendly cosmetics. It has followers all over the world.


Doe Deere is against the notion by many people that makeup is meant for concealing imperfections. She believes that makeup gives one the freedom to express themselves without any fear of being judged. The name Lime Crime originated from Doe Deere’s favorite color as well as her great dream of becoming a lipstick, eyeshadow, and nail polish developer.


Fashion is said to go alongside with make-up. Doe Deere believes that the two are inseparable. According to her, people tend to express themselves and their style by what they put on, and what they do to their hair and face.


Her success has come in gradually. It is for that reason that Doe Deere is so supportive of the young women in entrepreneurship. She supports the businesses owned by women. In public events such as the PHAMExpo, Doe Deere is vocal on the need for one to find their voice and to follow their dreams. She is generous and loves mentoring young female entrepreneur especially on her social media platforms.


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