WEN by Chaz Contains Unique Properties Designed to Improve the Condition of Hair

A young woman was looking to improve the overall look and feel of her hair, which she described in an article she posted on Bustle as being limp and sometimes greasy. Her decision to try the Fig version of WEN hair by Chaz Dean was based on the advertisements she had seen for this product. She wanted to see for herself if the product would give her hair the same body, bounce and shine it gave the women in the ads. In order to judge how well the product actually worked, she decided to write down her daily experience, which she augmented with color photos of herself.

The first day she tried the WEN Hair cleansing conditioner her hair was already greasy and frizzy.  She noticed that WEN did not create a lather, but did seem to add volume to her hair almost immediately. After using the Fig version of WEN she blow dried her hair and saw that it no longer appeared greasy, but actually had the volume and shine she was looking for. As the week progressed she noticed her hair always looked better when she started her day by cleansing it with the WEN product.

WEN’s Unique Properties

The reason why the products in the WEN line work the way they are advertised on QVC to work is because of the properties contained within the ingredients used to create them. The Fig version of WEN contains fig extract, wild cherry extract, sweet almond oil, rosemary extract, chamomile extract and marigold extract as well as pro-vitamin B5. This unique combination allows the product to hydrate hair without weighing it down.

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