How The Copa Star Meets The Health Needs of Rio de Janeiro

The Hospital Copa Star opened its doors in October 2016. The hospital, which took three years to build, is the first hospital of its kind in Brazil. The Hospital Copa Star is a luxury hospital that combines all the personnel and functions of a cutting edge hospital with the amenities of a five-star hotel. It is located near the famed Copacabana Beach in the city of Rio de Janiero.

The Hospital Copa Star is part of the Rede D’Or São Luiz Brazilian chain of hospitals. The founder and President of Rede D’Or São Luiz, Dr. Jorge Moll, said that the Hospital Copa Star is a fantastic alternative for residents of the area because before the hospital was built many surgeries had to be performed in São Paulo or Rio instead. He said that the Hospital Copa Star has an environment that helps people recover from complex surgeries due to its hotel accommodations and experienced, professional staff of doctors and nurses.

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While the hospital is meant to be very comfortable for patients that doesn’t mean that it also doesn’t focus on a highly trained team of doctors and nurses who are specialized in a variety of surgeries and medical disciplines. The team at Hospital Copa Star are held to the highest international standards of education, training, and care. Before the Hospital Copa Star opened the team slated to work there trained for two months which involved various emergency simulations. There is a total of 550 medical staff at the Hospital Copa Star which includes 113 doctors.

Incorporating the latest in technology, the surgery rooms at the Hospital Copa Star are equipped with the latest medical devices and equipment. The surgery rooms also incorporate robotics which are used by surgeons to assist in surgeries, especially during highly complex ones. The Hospital Copa Star was also designed with the latest in modern work flows which includes having separate hallways for the transportation of gurneys so that patients can be moved as efficiently as possible.

Each patient room also has incorporated autonomous technology. From their hospital bed, patients are able to control the lighting, entertainment options, the drapes, and the shape of their beds. All of this is controlled through the use of an iPad which patients are given when admitted to the Hospital Copa Star. The iPad also allows patients to summon a nurse or discuss their case with a doctor through a video conference feature.

The Hospital Copa Star concept has proven to be very popular in Rio de Janiero with those patients who have a premium flag on their health insurance plans. Dr Jorge Moll has said that he and his executive team are already planning on expanding similar hospitals into both Brasilia and São Paulo over the next few years. Read more at about Copa Star.

Copa Star – Rio de Janeiro’s Five Star Hospital

Far from grim images associated with conventional hospitals, Copa Star Hospital is a sharp display of technology, contemporary architecture, 21st-century innovation, and a dash of class.

Architecture and Design

The classy Hospital Copa Star is based in Copacabana, south of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It has a helipad in the main building – for receiving patients who come by air, a state-of-the-art reception where acceptance of patients happens, a fully equipped Surgical Center, and spacious and exclusive VIP and five-star suites.

Hospital Copa Star’ suites are equipped with a speaker system to allow direct communication with the nursing team, cable TV for the news update and entertainment, telephone, a safe and a minibar.

Room Service

Patients can even request for newspapers, magazines, as well as personal services like manicure, makeup, and hairdressing.

Hospital Copa Star is one of a kind hospital is furnished with modern medical equipment. Its Intensive Care Center holds:

• Neuro Intensive Unit – which handles life-threatening diseases of the nervous system; involving the brain, spinal cord, and nerves.

• Intensive Care Unit (General ICU) – adult and pediatric – special wards with healthcare professionals who provide treatment and monitoring equipment to keep a tab on patient’s vital signs.

• Post-Operative/Surgical Unit – where patients stay after a medical operation or ortho surgery.

• Respiratory Ventilation Unit – a place for those with respiratory problems.

• Cardio Intensive Unit – caring for people with heart or lung problems; with the aim of stabilizing them ahead of being moved to a less intensive care environment.

Copa Star Hospital Staff
These up-to-date facilities are run by their staff; mainly comprising crème de la crème from world leading academic institutions in Brazil and around the world.


Copa Star Hospital was the first private hospital in Rio de Janeiro to receive international accreditation. This was in 2007 and from Joint Commission International (JCI). It was awarded to them by Brazilian Accreditation Consortium (CBA).

The hospital has been in operation since May 2000 and its Mission is “to provide medical and hospital care of high efficiency, with qualified and motivated teams, respecting ethics and the individual in its social context”.

Mission and Vision

Hospital Copa Star vision is to be a reference in hospital management and the provision of medical services based on the highest technical standards.

Undoubtedly, they live up to them. That is why their spirit of excellence in quality of healthcare and patient safety got them reaccredited by JCI in 2011 and 2014.

However, above recognition on, beautiful architecture, qualified staff and sophisticated equipment, it is Copa Star Hospital’s culture of respect, warmth, and agility that is most impressive to patients.