Kim Dao Visits Australia

Australian YouTuber Kim Dao makes a lot of her beauty and lifestyle videos in Japan but goes back to Australia frequently to visit her family and boyfriend. On one particular trip back to Australia, Kim Dao shared her feelings about wanting to stay longer but having to return to Japan to get on with her work there.


Originally, Kim Dao had only intended to visit Singapore, but couldn’t resist spending a few days in Australia catching up with her loved ones. She also wanted to catch up on her fashion as she said that lately she has become a bit bored with Japanese fashion and wanted to round out her wardrobe a bit in Australia.


The trek from Perth to Singapore is longer than it might seem. It takes around six hours to fly from Perth to Singapore and then five more hours to Tokyo. While Kim Dao said that she doesn’t look forward to spending 11 hours on a flight, the fact that it’s broken up into two legs makes it more manageable.


Later on in the day Kim Dao met up with her best friend Joanna, who came with a late birthday present for the blogger. The two then headed out for some shopping and lunch with Kim’s boyfriend Eric. Kim was on the hunt for a new dress she needed for a friend’s wedding. She tried on a few and the two friends ended up deciding on the perfect dress, which they found at the store Kim Dao used to work at before relocating to Japan.


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