Jeremy Goldstein: A Lawyer Trusted By The New York Bar Association

In times of legal aid, finding a good lawyer is an essential part of being able to seek fair legal justice. The New York Bar Association Understood this need and requirement for good attorneys and established their Referral and Information Service (LRIS). However, gaining access to a good lawyer can still be hard for some, and therefore, the New York Bar Association decided to take their referral activities to an online portal to be able to give companies, and individuals access to round the clock services, in times when they need to seek a lawyer.



The lawyers that are within the Referral and Information Service database have all been scanned and verified as some of the best and trusted lawyers that the New York Bar Association has credited. The service follows a simple process of going to the website and filling out a form that describes what kind of legal aid you require.



One such lawyer who is part of this referral service is Jeremy Goldstein. Jeremy has been in the legal business for an extremely extended period and is currently the name partner at his law firm. He is extremely learned in the field of law and has provided legal counsel to some of the biggest corporate cases in the past few years.



Because of his extensive expertise in the area of law, Jeremy Goldstein serves as a member of the Executive Compensation Committee within the Business Department of the American Bar Association. His legal findings and his cases have published in numerous periodicals and legal magazines. He has also led numerous discussions and talks on matters of governance and corporate law.


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