Rick Smith Aiming High at Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies has been operational for over few decades. The company has been serving law enforcement, corrections, and public safety agencies with inmate service, emergency response, biometric analysis, investigation, incident management, information management and monitoring services. Rick Smith is the CEO of Securus Technologies, and he has been working hard to ensure the company continues to develop products that make the world a safer place to live.

Under Rick Smith leadership Securus has invested over $600 in development and acquisition of several hundred of security, efficiency, and safety-related products in just three years. As a result, Securus Technologies had to add a senior sales executive to present these new products to correction and law enforcement agencies. Rick said that they had to boost their sales team by adding more experience which will transform the evolving sales team. Therefore, the company employed John Bell to take the role of senior vice president of sales.

Rick Smith knew that that Bell had a great career with exceptional performance. Therefore, he will help Securus in product presentation to clients as well as help the company gets more contracts. Bell is highly educated with vast experience of over 35 years. Bell will work closely with Conklin to present Securus products face to face to more customers, make full uses of Securus Technology Center, and develop an effective sales associate training program.

With these developments and improvements, many people have been sending emails and letters to thank the company for excellent services. Many of the emails and letters say the company has helped in making the society a safer place. The customers also said they are happy to see inmates communicate with their loved ones. Smith responded to the appreciation by saying the company will continue to work hard as to make the world a safer place. With perfect sales team, the new products will be availed to customers. There is no doubt they will efficiently improve communication at law enforcement and public safety agencies.

To lead Securus Technologies, one needs to be highly educated. Rick Smith is highly educated. He started his higher education at Rochester Institute of Technology where he attained an associate of applied science in electrical engineering. Later he joined State University, New York where he achieved a degree in electrical engineering. This was not enough for Smith, and he went ahead to join State University, Brockport where he did masters in mathematics. Moreover, he attended Rochester University for masters in B.A.

Rick has held many influential positions at different companies. He was a president at Eschelon Telecom and later he was promoted to a CEO position. At Frontier Corporation, Smith worked in financial management as a vice president. He has also worked as a vice president at Midwest Telephone Operations. With this experience, there is no doubt Rick Smith is taking Securus Technologies to greater heights.

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