Robert Santiago, the investor behind Manaira Shopping Mall

Robert Santiago is known in many households as the real estate developer and investor in Brazil. He is a successful businessman and entrepreneur through his mall business. The soul of his achievements is the Manaira Shopping Mall in Paraiba. It is ranked as the largest mall of its kind in Brazil. Robert Santiago wanted tourists and the local community to have an alternative source of entertainment apart from the beach activities as they shop and relax that is why he ventured into the mall business. Moreover, he owns another large mall known as Mangabeira shopping center.


Roberto was born in 1956 in Brazil, Joao Pessoa and joined PIO X-Marist College. He also attended and received bachelor’s degree in BA from the University of Center Joao Pessoa. Robert Santiago started his career journey in Café Santa Rosa. He also established a cartonnage company that dealt with manufacturing and designing of the cardboard, and production of folded cartons. His leadership in cartonnage industry registered a huge boost regarding profit and expansion. He has also been an article writer, the venture that has made him well known by people. He has written numerous blogs from his exceptional skills. Being in the real estate business requires popularity, and for sure Robert Santiago had done marketing through his blogs and early business ventures which earned him the reputation all over the country.


In 1989 he bought a piece of land where he could set the famous Manaira Mall. It took Roberto two years to finish the building and construction process. The mall has become the people`s place, and it provides a lot of services and satisfaction to people who visit Paraiba. The mall has ample parking which makes it easier to access and shop variety of options. The mall has got banking halls, education center, gaming area, concert & theatre halls, shops, beauty parlors, restaurants, fitness center among others. If you are planning to visit Paraiba consider passing by the Manaira Shopping Mall and you won`t regret.


Robert Santiago expanded the mall in such a way that it accommodates Wayne`s Espacio Gourment and Capital Steakhouse restaurants that value the customers` needs. The mall is fitted with the famous Domus Hall on its rooftop which accommodates more than 8,000 people in a given sitting. The hall hosts theatrical events, receptions, trade fairs, indoor games and art exhibition. The mall has facilities like 3D fitted cinemas, striker bar, gym center, park, gold-strike bowling and colleges which makes it unique from other malls. It also has both ground floor and mezzanine.


Robert Santiago has been in mall business for over two decades. He is committed to providing the customers with the best shopping place in Brazil. He encourages the youth to make their ideas into reality.