Troy McQuagge Wins Gold in the 2016 One Planet Business and Professional Excellence Awards

Troy McQuagge is the CEO and President of the US Health Group Company based in the United States. Troy McQuagge has also achieved the highest level of success in the industry by being named as the Gold Winner as the CEO of the year award that took place in San Fransisco. The One Plane Awards is one of the most prominent services that recognizes the best CEOs of the year regardless of their industry from all parts of the world.

The stiff competition of choosing the CEO of the year was marked by a wide range of solutions they have made in the industry. However, Troy McQuagge had the most prominent capability that instituted better business.

Companies from every part of the world can submit their nominations including the private and publicly-held companies in the world. The organization does not also categorize the bigness of your company or startup when you are applying to become one of the best CEOs of the year. It is one of the most transparent companies based in the United States that honors business leaders from all walks of life. Read more: USHealth Group Announces Troy McQuagge Promoted As New President

The One Planet Awards are one of the most experienced award companies based in the United States. For over five decades of professional experience, they have worked to develop the most sophisticated business capability in a manner that depicts better business solutions. Therefore, its adoption has been on a massive scale because they are leaders in this business.

When Troy McQuagge entered the US Health group Company as the new CEOP in 2010, he wanted to revolutionize the way business was carried out. The first thing he did towards modeling a new business structure was to rebuild the US Heath Advisory Board with new strategies for better customer service delivery structures.

Because he was very innovative in the business way of handling the operations of the company, he was elected as the president of the US health Group Company.

During his tenure as president of the company, the United States Health Group has recorded unprecedented levels of success and growth for individual insurance markets in the industry.

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