Vijay Eswaran Uncovers Key Tenants in Life’s Journey

The story of Vijay Eswaran is inspiring as he at one time was a cab driver and now holds a fortune worth multiple hundreds of millions of dollars. Give him credit for recognizing the vast potential of network marketing. This business strategy has provided him and many others unlimited opportunities to build a successful, ongoing business.

Thousands of lives have been positively affected by his career in marketing and sales. The career of Vijay Eswaran doesn’t end with his success in business, however. He has a strong philanthropic bent and is eager to positively affect the lives of others. He offers key insights for those who are striving to realize their own potential. Read more: Dato Vijay Eswaran: From taxi driver to worth over $500 million dollars

The success of Vijay Eswaran can be characterized by blowing up conventional thinking within his own mind. This would have led him to a steady nine-to-five job instead of the tremendous opportunities he found by thinking outside the box and dreaming big. This can be an important lesson for those striving for something more than a typical job.

Several key insights help explain Eswaran’s achievements and propel him forward along his path of development and continued personal growth. Vijay Eswaran wasn’t only concerned with his own success, but he also found that it was important to serve others and build into their lives too.

He also has understood the power of giving and how it comes back to you when you focus on others and enjoy their triumphs.

Looking within oneself is something that Vijay Eswaran does regularly and he is convinced that it has played a significant role in his progress in business and life.

His time spent reflecting and meditating help clarify things for him as he develops strategies in going forward. He also articulates that perseverance is essential in achieving a high level of success.

Telling the truth is something that Eswaran is committed to and urges others who are striving for success to do the same. Authenticity and transparency have taken him far and are always worthwhile.

A sense of urgency rounds out Vijay Eswaran’s timely advice and he’s written a book about it entitled Two Minutes From the Abyss. He believes that seizing the day is a vital ingredient in the recipe of success.

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